5 Day Camp - Bowness on Solway > Heddon on the Wall

70 Miles
Backpacking with Independent Spirit - For those whose aim is to Walk the Wall as part of their world travels, we offer a 'no-frills' Backpacker option. We provide the Tent, set it up and dismantle it, move it & your main bag along the Trail - you do the rest.
£160 - £210*
*Per Person
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5 Day Camp - Bowness on Solway > Heddon on the Wall - Details

Bowness-on-Solway > Heddon-on-the-Wall
We have four Expedition Treks on the calendar for 2023. The maximum number of tents on each 'Bowness > Heddon' expedition is 8 - with 'Twin Tents'** accommodating two persons or 'Solo Tents'* accommodating one person. Trekkers don't have to walk as a group, but are free to walk at a time of their own choosing, in whatever company they prefer, self-guided with their map, to the destination prepared for their arrival. Each person on a Trek brings two bags with them - a small daysac for walking with and a main bag that we transfer between camps and to the end of your last day's walk at Heddon-on-the-Wall.

Twin Occupancy Tent - £160** per person

Solo Tent - £210*
(It may be worth noting that, due to demand, we have increased the maximum number of Solo Tents on a 'Bowness > Heddon' expedition from three to four and they tend to be the first to be fully booked)

2023 - Expedition Dates -
Sat. 27th May > Wed. 31st May - Fully Booked
Sat. 24th June > Wed. 28th June - Fully Booked
Sat. 22nd July > Wed. 26th July - Fully Booked
Sat. 5th Aug > Wed. 9th Aug - Fully Booked

Unfortunately, we have just been informed that one of the campsites key to our Camping Expeditions, is closing at the end of this 2023 season. That being the case, unless the situation changes, we will now not be able to provide Camping Treks beyond this year.

Bookings are on a 'first come first served' basis and are made with a £25 per person deposit. The person making the booking, is sent a Map, 'Kit List' and 'Advice on Time & Distance'.


Start - Bowness-on-Solway
From where the Trail starts, the Trek begins (having dropped your main bags off with us at midday, next to Carlisle Railway Station, or at the first night's campsite) with an afternoon ten-mile 'stretch of the legs' along the Solway Firth to the first night's camp on the outskirts of a village to the west of Carlisle.

Finish - Heddon-on-the-Wall
Four full-day walks, covering a further sixty miles and three more camps, the last day's walk finishes where the Trail on the line of the Wall ends (before diverting down to the banks of the River Tyne).

Day 1 - First Day's Walk - First Night Camp
An afternoon (4-5 hour) walk along the Solway Firth, to the first night's camp. There is a country pub that serves meals right next to the campsite.

Day 2 - Second Day's Walk - Second Night Camp
A full day's walk (6-7 hours) by the banks of the River Eden, via Carlisle (where you can take a break for breakfast or a coffee) then on into the Cumbrian countryside, to a camp set up by a working farm, with a farmhouse that can provide an evening meal (and / or breakfast in the morning), as well as having a drinks license.

Day 3 - Third Day's Walk - Third Night Camp
A full day’s walk (6-7 hours) is up on to the Northumbrian Whin Sill, passing Walltown Crags, to a campsite near the Wall's midway point. There is a country pub that serves meals nearby.

Day 4 - Fourth Day's Walk - Fourth Night Camp
A full-day's walk (6-7 hours) continuing along the Whin Sill, past the Wall's highest point and into the North Tyne valley. The camp is set up by the banks of the River North Tyne, with a café that can offer breakfast and the nearby village has a pub that serves evening meals.

Day 5 - Last Day's Walk
A full day (5-6 hours) following the line of the Wall to Heddon-on-the-Wall, where Trekkers are reunited with their heavy bags.

Hadrian's Wall Path Map
The latest edition and most-detailed map of the complete Trail.

Hadrian's Wall Path 'Kit List'
An essential guide on what to bring - and what you don't need to

Hadrian's Wall Path 'Advice on Time & Distance'
A unique guide on how to prepare for your walk

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