2022 Guided Walk

25 Miles
On the 1900th Year Anniversary of the Emperor Hadrian’s commencement of the construction of his Northern Frontier Wall in AD122, we are providing a unique and special Guided Walk along what still remains to this day. With an emphasis on seeking out the numerous discoveries that have come to light over the last two centuries, a small group (a maximum total of ten persons) will be spending their evenings in fabulous settings, whilst being accompanied by two qualified & experienced Guides by day, ensuring that ‘no stone goes unturned’…
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2022 Guided Walk - Details

The Walk
The most prominent remains of Hadrian’s Wall are to be found along a 25-mile section in the centre of the country, between the Rivers Irthing and North Tyne. It is this area that the 2022 Discoverer Walk is focused on.

Covering between six and seven miles walking each day, the route takes in the remains of the Wall, its Turrets, Milecastles, Forts and Bridges. Along the way, is the opportunity to discover the finds in the likes of the Roman Army Museum, Vindolanda and Chesters Museums - as well as walk around the Forts of Birdoswald, Aesica, Vindolanda (the only ongoing excavation site), Housesteads and Chesters.

The Guides
Some folk may consider a Guide’s purpose is just to show you the way, or prevent you from getting lost, as well as perhaps give you snippets of information along the way - ours are different…

The 2022 Discoverer Walk Guides, Gary & Jerry Reed, are brothers who have known the Wall all of their lives. Their priority as Guides goes well beyond using their navigation skills. For want of a term that describes their approach, ‘Edutainers’ is probably as good as any - educating folk in an entertaining manner.

Being from the area, their family interest goes back to their Great Grandfather, who was making his own discoveries on the Wall as an amateur archaeologist, more than a hundred years ago.

Although both brothers served as Officers in the Royal Marines, as well as both becoming qualified teachers after they left, their specific interests differ slightly - in that Jerry (who regards himself as a Historian) is a History Teacher, whereas Gary (who regards himself as a Geographer - because of his passion and fascination in man’s impact on the landscape) previously taught Heritage Studies. It has been said that Gary is probably the person who has walked the Wall more than anyone else and he is known for popping up on tv screens around the world, when the input of a ‘local expert’ has been called for.

The Accommodations
By way of celebrating this special occasion, it seems only right that an extra effort has been made to secure some rarely available exclusive accommodations, in which to reflect on the day's activities - as well as relax in comfort, while your Guides offer you further insights into the area's rich unique heritage.

The Guided Itinerary

Five Nights Accommodation (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast)
Varied Accommodations - including Country Inns, a Medieval Castle and a Country House Hotel
Guided walks along the Wall and around Sites of Interest
Five Special Sites of Interest Visits (entry fees included)
Packed Lunches
Evening Talks from Guides
Transfers to & from Accommodation (where necessary)
Baggage Transfers between Accommodations

The 2022 Dates
Sunday 24th July > Friday 29th July

Day 1 - Sunday
Carlisle - (Visit Suggestions - Carlisle Castle - Tullie House Museum - Carlisle Cathedral)

The 2022 Discoverer Walk assembles at its first night’s hotel accommodation in the centre of Carlisle on Sunday afternoon. After a brief ‘meet & greet’ introduction, there is the opportunity to explore Carlisle at your leisure - which could include a visit to Carlisle’s Norman Castle (built from recycled Roman Fort & Wall), the Tullie House Museum and /or the Medieval Carlisle Cathedral (which happens to be where your Guides’ Great Grandparents were married).

Day 2 - Monday
6 mile walk - (Special Site Visit - Birdoswald Fort)

Starting from where the Wall first becomes apparent when walking from the west, we discover the highest segment of the Wall that remains today. From there the route goes on by the first visible Turret, to the first excavated Fort at Birdoswald. We then continue along one of the best remaining sections of the Wall, to cross the river, on to the Bridge Abutment at Willowford.

The day concludes at a small village on the edge of Northumberland National Park.

Day 3 - Tuesday
6 mile walk - (Special Site Visit - Roman Army Museum)

Picking up the high ground of the central section of the Wall, the morning starts with a visit to the Roman Army Museum, before continuing west along some of the most dramatic views the landscape, by way of Aesica Fort and Winshields Crag (the highest point of the Wall).

The day ends at Twice Brewed, the most central point of Hadrian’s Wall.

Day 4 - Wednesday
5 mile walk - (Special Site Visit - Vindolanda)

The day starts with a morning visit to Vindolanda to see the excavations, before taking a look at what’s been discovered - excavated just on that one site (including what are regarded as the UK’s most valuable find - the Vindolanda tablets).

In the afternoon, we venture back on to the Wall, passing by one of the best preserved Milecastles (no.39) and Sycamore Gap (one of the most pictured iconic views of the Wall), before descending to our pick-up point, from where we will be transferred to our accommodation in a medieval Castle.

Day 5 - Thursday
6 mile walk - (Special Site Visit - Housesteads Fort)

After being taken back to the Wall, we will start our day by visiting Housesteads Fort - one of the first sites to be excavated in the early 19th century. From there, we continue along the Wall to (what many consider to be its best viewpoint) on Sewingshields Crag.

Continuing along, by way of Brocolitia and Covetina’s Well, we reach Limestone Corner (the northernmost point of the Wall - and therefore the northernmost point of the Roman Empire). We then start coming off the high ground, to reach the last night’s accommodation in a Country House Hotel, - offering the opportunity to soak yourself in the pool before dinner…

Day 6 - Friday
2 mile walk - (Special Site Visit - Chesters Fort & Museum)

On the final morning, it is fitting that after a short walk, we arrive at Chesters Fort - once one of the Frontier’s largest forts and site of the first museum built to house and protect the discoveries, that first appeared back in Victorian times.

Around mid-day, transport will then take you to the nearby old market town of Hexham, from where, the local railway station, has a regular train service link with both Newcastle and Carlisle.

*Solo Walkers
The price indicated is for two persons sharing a room. Some of the rooms only have double beds, therefore there is a supplement for anyone requiring sole occupancy of a two-person room.

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