5 levels of Accommodation to choose from

The 'Denarii System' - Denarius was a silver coin of Roman times, we use the Denarius to indicate a level of Accommodation & Services.

V Denarii

  • Top of the Range
  • Best B&B Accommodation available
  • Restaurant with fine dining


IV Denarii

  • Beyond the Ordinary
  • Extra comfort B&B Accommodation
  • Restaurant & Bar at accommodation


III Denarii

  • Ordinary Standard
  • Traditional B&B - en-suite facilities
  • Evening meals available nearby


II Denarii

  • Value comfort
  • Budget B&B accommodation
  • Own room - shared facilities


I Denarius

  • Basic comfort
  • Low-budget Bunk B&B 
  • Shared room & facilities



  • Self-Guided Camping Expeditions
  • Tents Provided & Moved by us
  • Bag Transfers & Camp fees included


Tried and Tested

The accommodations booked on our clients' behalf, are hand-picked from a list of around fifty different providers that we've selected, stretching from one side of the country to the other.

We believe that location, ambience, hosts, rooms, furnishings, facilities, meals, staff, services and of course value for money, are all relevant factors - and the best way to assess accommodation is to visit them, not just once, but on a regular basis.

Visiting accommodation also gives the opportunity to maintain a relationship with accommodation providers, not just over the phone, but also on a more personal level. And beyond that, naturally we listen to what our clients tell us and their feedback is then passed on to the accommodation providers themselves.


Time of Year

Certain times of year are busier than others. Some folk will book as much as a year in advance.

Group Size

The larger the group size, the earlier you need to book. It's more difficult to find accommodation for large groups.

Main Season

The main season runs between May and September. The earlier you book for this period, the better the accommodation choice.

Start Day

Weekend or Weekday - Avoiding a weekend start day can give a better choice.

Last-Minute Booking

The main season runs between May and September. The earlier you book for this period, the better the accommodation choice.


You should bear in mind that accommodation booking is dependent on availability and on occasion it may be necessary to use a different Denarii level in a specific location.

In this instance we would normally advise you that this is the case and give you the option of choosing a grade above or below for that particular night.

There is also the flexibility for you to upgrade on any individual day (eg for a special occasion) and subject to availability, we can arrange your itinerary accordingly.

Booking Accommodation

It goes without saying, if you like an element of surprise (be it good or bad), then you can always make your own arrangements.

However, if you prefer the reassurance that someone has already checked out the suitability of your accommodation beforehand, then you will appreciate our Accommodation Booking Service.

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