Bag Transfers

Bag Moves between Accommodations

When walking the Wall and moving between accommodations, ideally your main baggage should be moved for you, rather than you carry it on your back - as apart from it being better for your back, it also means less weight on the trail itself. So all you want to be carrying with you is a small daypack containing those items that you require for the day. This being the case, unless you are being based in just the one accommodation, baggage transfer is an integral part of your accommodation booking.

Bag Labels

In order that your baggage is easily identified and arrives at the correct destination, we provide clients with a 'Baggage Label' in the 'Travel Pack' that we send out. This label displays all the necessary detail for the clients' full itinerary.

Bag Weight Limit

You should be aware that the baggage allowance (other than the Daysac you carry with you each day) is one bag per person and that there is a bag weight restriction of 20kgs (44lbs) per bag. This is to conform with Health & Safety Regulations and Insurance liabilities, which restrict the amount that can be lifted by one person above waist height - bearing in mind that there will be one person transporting your (and lots of other folks') baggage along the way.

Method & Timings

The way this service operates, is by vans travelling across the country daily, with the drivers collecting and dropping off your bags and those belonging to other walkers, at the various accommodations along the length of the Wall. Clients just leave their baggage in a place designated by the accommodation provider as a collection and delivery point - which is usually near or next to the accommodation's reception area. On some days, the drivers can be moving hundreds of bags, so the pick-up and drop-off times do vary from day to day. The general guidance for walkers is that their baggage must be ready for collection at 9.00am and they can expect that their bags to have reached their destination by 4pm - ie collected after you should have left your accommodation and being delivered before you are due to arrive at the next location.

Extra Bags

It is possible to bring more baggage with you if you are unable to pack all of your gear within the one bag and keep within the weight limit. Extra bags need to be booked in addition to the normal baggage transfer included with a booking. An extra bag will cost £10 per move - so if your baggage is moved six times, there will be a total additional charge of £60.

One Way

Like those walking the trail, baggage travels in the one direction. If you intend returning to your start point (or somewhere close to it) at the end of your walk, eg to pick up a vehicle, or catch a train, you will have to take all your baggage with you from your last night's accommodation. If you would like your baggage moved back across the country, it has to be booked separately and the charge is dependant on the distance between the pick-up and drop-off points.