Welcome Back

- It was a strange couple of years, when the world was effected by the Covid pandemic - flights stopped, general movement became restricted and the area of Hadrian's Wall effectively became a no-go area. However, after the lifting of restrictions, we were especially pleased to be able to welcome back our overseas visitors.

Clients patiently waited to come and discover and explore the Wall, from North America, Australasia, Scandanavia and all parts of Europe. In 2022, coinciding with the 1900th year of Hadrian's Wall's construction, boots returned after a long wait to follow in the footsteps of the Romans.

More to See

In AD122, the Emperor Hadrian gave the go-ahead to construct a Wall for the empire's northern frontier. It was actually more than a Wall, as it included a Fosse, a Vallum, numerous Forts, Milecastles, Bridges and Turrets. Such was the skill of its construction, all these elements are visible today.

Sites of interest were not freely accessible in those pandemic times - and for some folk, there's been a longer than expected wait for the opportunity to come. They say 'absence makes the heart grow fonder', perhaps it will have been worth making the wait...