V Denarii

The Best - Fit for a Roman Senator - As good as it gets in each location

Definition of V Denarii - V Denarii is the level grading we use to label what we consider to be the best available accommodation within a particular area, both in terms of where it is and what facilities it provides. It could be that it's a hotel recognised for its high quality decor and restaurant, or it could be that you are staying in the best room that a Country Inn has to offer.

Who goes V Denarii? - If you consider that having suffered the rigours of the great outdoors during the day, you then deserve that extra bit luxury for your overnight stopover to relax and replenish in, then this level is as good as it gets for Hadrian's Wall.

Type of Accommodation - Whatever it is, City or Seaside Hotel, Country Inn or converted Farmhouse, the general guideline is that we will have arranged the highest level accommodation available in each location. The bedrooms will not only be that extra bit special, but often you will find it difficult to drag yourself away from the comforts of the bar or lounge. All the accommodations will be in a location that has easy access to the Hadrian's Wall Path.

Meals - V Denarii accommodations are particularly geared up with regard to their kitchens and the meals that they are able to provide. Breakfast is included within your booking and you may like to take advantage of the Packed Lunches that they can offer. You will also be able to enjoy an Evening Meal within the comfortable confines of the establishment itself - many of them being popular with local folk - although some accommodations only offer their unique dining experience to their overnight guests.

'Extra Special Top of the Range' Accommodation - We often receive enquiries to see if we can arrange something 'extra special' for a special occasion and specifically get asked if we can set up a stay in a 'Castle'. The answer is usually 'Yes', depending on availability - however, it does cost a few more Denarii for that night and this also involves a slight detour from the Trail, so transportation to and from the castle needs to be factored in.